Dating and Life Coach Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame was subject to a nationwide media scandal in 2019.

There were no complaints against him until the BBC Social video caused a media storm demonising Adnan. He was a victim of ambush journalism.
The BBC Social video was edited in such a way that made Adnan look like a criminal.

Adnan taught “Dating for Men”. This is a niche sub-section of the self-help industry, which makes millions of pounds every year and is all over the internet.
Adnan has been singled out and his image was demonised by the BBC Social video because of personal perspectives. Alec Salmond faces
much bigger charges but didn’t get the press Adnan did.

Worldwide Business

Live dating approach demonstrations and coaching videos
happen in the UK and USA daily, no one has ever
been charged or accused of any crime.

Some of these dating coaches have faced media scandals (Tom Torero, Street Attraction, RSD) that were in the national and global press, but no one ever faced legal action. The BBC and CNN were involved, as well as many big social media platforms.

Check out the YouTube channels of the following dating coaches; Tom Torero, Street Attraction, Jon Matrix, RSD Max, RSD Madison, RSD Julian, Sam Overton, RSD Tyler and Todd Valentine.’

Adnan has worked with Tom Torero, Jon Matrix and Street Attraction and they are still functioning businesses to this day (Street Attraction has 100k+ subscribers on YouTube whilst RSD have 300k+ subscribers and millions of views)

A recent BBC television program titled “Rogue To Wrestler” based in Glasgow taught their contestants confidence by taking them to George Square and instructing them to approach people during the day saying outlandish things and physically touching members of the pubic. In one clip a contestant touches a woman’s nose (whilst she is being filmed). In another clip a man lifts an elderly gentleman off the ground. These people are random members of the public. The program aired in April 2019.

Rogue to Wrestler :

Dating coaches who teach face to face dating are not an alien concept but again Adnan was demonized by the BBC Social video.

Movie Examples

(movie) Hitch teaches how to kiss

(movie) Back to the Future (Marty teaching George how to ask Lorraine out)

Adnan’s Business


Adnan always promoted consent online along with having a time constraint (in order) to keep interactions under 10 minutes, to make women comfortable and not to follow anyone with the aim to exchange numbers or contact details.

On Glasgow’s Argyle Street, Buchanan Street and Sauchiehall Street there are charity workers, sales people, religious reformers, reporters (doing interviews) and street acts that approach people the same way as Adnan. Some of these people only approach females (i.e. male religious reformers called Elders and certain sales men selling female products) as a strategy. What consists of threatening or abusive behaviour? All of Adnan’s approaches happened during the day on busy streets and well populated areas, there was nothing sinister or hidden about it. Is it anti-social when men do the same thing in night-clubs, under the influence of alcohol, it isn’t considered to be. Daytime dating is a much safer way to talk to females.

Adnan taught a mix of mindfulness, sales and human behaviour (sociology) from studying this for the last 4 years. He read books by evolutionary biologists such as Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins who have done extensive research on male-female dynamics and why humans act the way they do, especially when it comes to dating and relationships.

Adnan taught a type of speed dating which can take place while someone is doing day to day activities (i.e. work, education, shopping). Going from point A to point B. This is how he learned, and he practiced what he preached. He did not teach men to just go out with the sole purpose of approaching women, there was a spontaneous element to it.

Adnan would demonstrate for clients and do video examples to drum up business. People would pay a fee to see Adnan demonstrate in person and on video.

Adnan’s YouTube channel with “How to” titles:

Adnan’s dating website:

Although Adnan’s language was at times bad whilst teaching, his message was positive. Adnan’s language was similar to television celebrities such as Gordon Ramsey and Keith Lemon, who use crude and vulgar language regularly.

No one in Adnan’s crew was arrested or even questioned. This is because he was demonized in the BBC Social video which snowballed onto the tabloid press because of the video’s initial impact on Facebook and Twitter. Complaints only came in after Adnan was humiliated in the press. The public was misled into thinking Adnan’s actions were criminal when he was called a sexual predator on social media and the newspapers. The police put a 101-incident report number in the press after an MSP and women’s rights organisations got involved. Initially the police said there was no criminal behaviour. This case has also baffled legal experts across Scotland.

Once again people only came forward because of the public panic caused. Most of them had given their contact details to Adnan and exchanged text messages with him. This is unfair treatment, the press can’t demonise people and label their actions criminal, that is for the law to decide. Regular behaviour and initiating conversation were made to look like a crime, causing people to report it.

Those who did report it, did so after colluding and speaking to each other on Twitter and Facebook feeds, on which the BBC Social video had gone viral. They were egged on and conned by American Social Media troll Brodan White through his many various fake accounts, which he used to leave countless fake comments to fuel the scandal. Brodan White orchestrated the hysteria caused by the BBC Social video because of his personal online issues/obsession with Adnan over the last 4 years.

Reports of normal conversations grew into cause of anxiety or annoyance, with each accusation trying to outdo the other. There were even false accusations by people Adnan has never met before, fortunately for Adnan, he has an alibi for these.

Some of the very few women who reported incidents seen Adnan several times. They never thought of themselves as victims of a crime until after the media scandal. Adnan re-approached some of the females because he forgot who they were. If the interaction didn’t end with a number exchange, he didn’t remember the person, this happened with his current partner also. He did not stalk anyone. Adnan would be out with clients and would demonstrate for them and would sometimes end up talking to a person he’d previously spoken to, without realising because he didn’t recognise them. Adnan has talked to many women in the last 3 years all over the world.

Glasgow is a small city, if Adnan did recognise someone (a girl he had chatted to previously) he may acknowledge them with a head nod or at most say “hi” in passing. He did not re-approach because it would feel awkward. Adnan lived at St. Georges cross in Maryhill, worked in the city centre for a time, went to college in the city centre and met friends there most days. He was bound to see the same people over and over.

Adnan at certain times had to practice approaching and conversation before going overseas to teach or to branch out with his dating business to places such as London, Eastern Europe and the Middle-East – as Glasgow was not proving to be profitable or lucrative in terms of a client base. Bigger cities proved to be better for a client base (i.e. Skype training and for requests to do demonstration videos)

Photos from Clients Requesting Coaching

Witness Statements

There are also witness statements from some of Adnan’s former clients in Scotland, who have gone onto find love and committed relationships.

David from Glasgow

“I learned game in order to get more confident and to become good with girls. It helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin and allow me to become a more social person. I was able to rid myself of my social anxiety and my nervousness of talking to other people by learning game. Getting coaching from Addy also helped a lot as he motivated me to talk to girls and other people and helped me get past my fear of being rejected and feeling like I wasn’t good enough. And sometimes when we were out and we saw a pretty girl we would go and say hi to her and if she wasn’t interested or didn’t want to talk we would leave her alone. By having Addy teach me game it helped me find a loving relationship with the girlfriend of my dreams. Who I can now love with all my heart without having all the insecurities and anxiety I had before and messing the relationship up.”

Dean from Glasgow

“I met Adnan back in 2016 through a friend & he is a good friend. Every time I was with Adnan he never did anything malicious so I was very shocked when I heard that he got arrested. I think it’s all been blown out proportion with the way society reacted. Myself, I got coaching off Adnan which helped me build my confidence”

Martin from Australia

“When I was 22 years old, I had certain goals that I wanted to achieve in my social life but was unable to find any way to progress towards them. I was feeling completely lost and depressed as I did not see any light in the tunnel and felt powerless and depressed. I was at a pivotal point in my life that I knew that I had to make big changes in my personality, behaviour and lifestyle and ultimately become a better, more attractive version of myself so I can achieve my dreams, unlock my full potential, become the person that I want to be and as a by-product of that attract women in my life. This is when I started going out with other people on a similar path to mine, people that had similar goals and I had a common language with.

This is how I met Addy in 2016 as we were both living in Glasgow at the time. I would go out with him and other friends, trying to improve our social skills and develop ourselves as human beings. Addy was clearly a level above me and my other friends with regards to his social skills, but regardless of that he was always ready and willing to listen to any concerns I had, answer any questions and provide advice. He had a very positive mindset and after a while I started regarding him not only as somebody to go out and socialize with, but as a friend too. Qualities like loyalty, reliability, positivity and sense of humour have always been an important factor for me when it comes to choosing the people in my life and he had all of them. The day before leaving Scotland in late 2017, I met him for one last time and since then we have been keeping in touch through social media, exchanging stories of our progress towards our goals.”  

Matt from Spain

“I first met Adnan Ahmed in Glasgow city centre around a year and a half ago in the winter 2017 when I decided to go out and practice game in Glasgow with a friend. For me personally the purpose of game is to enrich the lives of others as well as our own by becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Since first meeting Adnan I have become good friends with him and he has helped me to develop and grow in many ways including dealing with my fear and anxiety when in social situations. Addy has showed me that it is socially acceptable to make conversation with people whilst going through my day which has led to many friendships and improved my dating life and confidence dramatically.

I have spent many occasions with Adnan during the daytime where we interacted with many people and at the very worst a short and pleasant conversation was had then continued on with our day. Over the course of my time spent with Adnan I have never once witnessed any forceful or threatening behaviour towards women, I find this abhorrent. Shortly after meeting Adnan It was clear to me that he was not only motivated to practice game for himself but to also try and inspire others and offer help in the way of one to one coaching and through his YouTube channel.”

Mike from Edinburgh

“In the latter half of 2016 I had taken to practising ‘game,’ a few times per week in Glasgow City Centre. This was around the same time that I met Adnan Ahmed through a mutual acquaintance.

To be clear, ‘game’ is a word used to describe going out in public with the intention of meeting and having fun with both men and women. In my own case, game opened up the possibility of meeting women whom I could date. Through game, I consciously employed social skills which would have come naturally and effortlessly to many, but which were a disciplined focus for myself due to my crippling shyness at the time. Adnan and I were both enthusiastic about game, walking through the city centre during daylight hours, displaying our characteristics through friendly, flirtatious conversations. Most of these conversations went well with some women commending me for breaking the monotony of their day. Neither Adnan nor I hid behind a mask of alcohol induced confidence as we approached and spoke to women on a one-to-one basis whilst being sober. There was no pretence that people were obliged to talk to us if they did not want to, and as such I viewed game as being entirely permissible. Adnan and I continued to befriend each other, discussing how our core-confidence had increased. My own growth of self-assurance resulted in me making improvements in other areas of my life. Adnan had aspirations of coaching other people on how to live more positively, therefore I undertook dating coaching from him. During this coaching Adnan endorsed making friendly small talk with both men and women in social situations, as well as emphasising the importance of empathising with the people we encountered. Attesting to the latter, I once joined Adnan in delivering food which shops no longer wanted to sell, to the homeless, something which he often did. Adnan advocated abstinence from alcohol and drugs, once giving this advice to someone who was drinking too much. Adnan was also a source of compassionate advice when I was dealing with a frayed family relationship.

Learned social skills gave me the opportunity to meet like-minded women, one of whom is now my girlfriend of six months and through practicing game, I overcame social anxiety which had previously plagued my entire life. The broadening of my social skills allowed me to become a more well-rounded, empathetic person, all of which has had a knock-on effect on my life, even recently spurring me to return to education.”

Nick from New York

“I met Addy approximately 1-2 times per week for much of 2018 when I first moved to Glasgow. Few Scots were as kind and welcoming as Addy. He was a fair bit older than most of my friends but had an emotional maturity that is sadly hard to find in people. He has an exceptional ability to sense what others are thinking almost before they even think it and offer a solution or words of comfort before they even ask for it. Whenever I needed advice he was the person I would call.

I, like many others, met Addy in the context of meeting women as a young man. I was lonely when I moved to Glasgow, someplace I had no existing friends or family, and was determined not to sit in my room wishing the world would solve my loneliness for me.

There is nothing original about a man walking up to a woman and saying hello. I do not think I have ever met a heterosexual man who has not. Unlike many people, however, Addy believed we should not hide our positive feelings. If you have something nice to say to someone you should say it to them. Young, old, man, woman, if he saw something nice in them he would say it and spread his positivity. He did what most people do, he just did it a lot more.

Addy was under no illusion why his students would want to learn this skill: To meet and eventually have consensual sexual intercourse with members of the opposite sex. He is not alone in wanting that, but most of us come from a background where we shy away from saying that outright. We think it is politer to ignore one another, remain mutually lonely, and hope someone, anyone but us, will make something happen. 49% of Scots report feeling lonely sometimes, but for some reason the conventional thing to do is to avoid talking to them no matter what.1

There is something intrinsically sad about Scottish culture where getting inebriated and taking someone home from a nightclub whose name you do not know is almost expected, while having an honest sober conversation with that same person in daylight is taboo. Addy wanted to help change that, and I think we all should, too. Thank you for everything you taught me, Addy.”

Griffin J. The Lonely Society. London: The Mental Health Foundations; 2010.

Tom from London

“This statement is to provide my account of Adnan Ahmed, Game, and my own experiences regarding Game. I also hope that it can provide formal assistance in giving context to the entire circumstance of Adnan.

“Game” is the word we (as in the “Game” community) use to describe the discipline of maintaining an awareness of and improving the quality of our interactions with people. In some cases, this means pro-actively engaging with others so that we can overcome previous social conditioning which has harmed us in the past. This process allows a person to recondition themselves so that they can engage normally within society.

Game most likely appears very bizarre to the average person, including the person reading this. I hope this gives you a good understanding.

If you are someone who spent about eight years of their life in day to day situations where people would smile at you before they physically beat you, then this is going to create a series of compensatory behaviours (such as aggression and paranoia) which would not be seen in the “average” person. Such behaviours would have proved useful in those situations but when the situation changes, and you now must think about a job, money, social life, relationships, etc, then such behaviours become a hindrance.

In this context “Game” becomes a process of letting go of who you once where and becoming a better version of yourself for yourself and to those around you. Game can be used in conjunction with other more conventional methods of psychological healing. However, these often don’t work.

I met Adnan in Glasgow about three years ago, as I was already “doing Game” and had witnessed him “cold approach” a girl in the street and give her a compliment, of which she was very happy to receive. From here, I came to know Adnan as a very outspoken member of a men’s self-development and game-oriented group called DWLF. We did coaching sessions at one point and often hung out in the same social circles.

As a side note, “cold approach” means to pro-actively initiate a conversation with someone who you have had no prior interaction with e.g. stopping a guy or girl on the street to give them a compliment or asking a bartender how they’re day is going while they serve you a drink. In some very rare occasions i.e. once every six months, someone might respond negatively to being cold approached due to factors outside of the control of the person performing the cold approach. I believe this to be the case in Adnan’s circumstance under the accusations that have occurred.

In my experience, DWLF adopts a public image derived from hip hop and rap culture but replaces the often violent and antisocial content of hip hop and rap with Game, and specifically the meeting, dating and seducing of women.

The public image of hip hop and rap can often be seen as aggressive and forward. As such, I believe that the content of DWLF has been mis-interpreted by those who are less tolerant of the aggressive and forward public image they sometimes portray.

While I was never in daily association with any of the DWLF members, or Adnan, I certainly met them enough to know what they were representing. I can confidently say that beyond hoping to make a career and livelihood in supporting others, especially men in their dating lives, there was no perceivable ill intent in any of their actions. The accusations that have occurred, have originated from a miniscule number of people who have come into contact with Adnan and are a result of poor reception of Adnan’s attempt at communicating with them, not poor communication coming from Adnan.

To summarise, I believe that the accusations are derived from the following 3 factors:

-the aggressive and forward hip hop/rap derived public image of DWLF

-the unconventional nature and practice of “Game” and the existence of an organised community which supports it

-the negative reception of inter-personal communication attempts from Adnan, on behalf of the accuser, combined with the awareness of aforementioned reasons.

Personally, Game and by extension Adnan and DWLF, have allowed me to overcome many psycho-social problems including aggression, depression, generalised anxiety, social anxiety and paranoia. It has allowed me to build relationships with friends and family. It has allowed me to meet and date women and have girlfriends. It has allowed me to network with other people who experience the same difficulties and support each other. By extension, it has supported me in business and my career and has been the singular, most positively influential thing in my life.”

Adnan has also coached a junior doctor, joiners, IT consultants, students, a football referee, an aspiring actor and people in regular employment (who are based in the UK and other parts of the world)

Many former clients are afraid to come forward because of the media scandal as they feel they will also face legal repercussions like Adnan does which would affect their professional standing and lives.

This is also the reason why many of the women Adnan successfully dated in the last 3 years were not willing to come forward to defend him, as they are afraid of the media and legal repercussions and felt humiliated because of how Adnan was publicly shamed in the media and on social media. However, there are statement(s) from females confirming that Adnan was never threatening, abusive, violent or committed sexual assault.

Maria from Glasgow

“I first met Adnan Ahmed in July 2016. I had just finished an interview for a part-time job and was walking to Glasgow Central Station to get the train home. As I reached the Co-op I noticed a man walking towards me. He was smiling and looked friendly I assumed he would ask for directions. As soon as he stopped in front of me and said “You look Latino” I knew he was hitting on me. This wasn’t the first time I had been approached. It happened on a train once by another man, and I worked in a jeweller’s previously and it occurred a lot there. My first thought when I realised Adnan wanted to chat was I need to get home. I’d had a rubbish day and wanted to get some dinner. He started to guess my ethnicity although it was obvious I was Pakistani. I said I had to get home and he asked what I was doing. I told him I had an interview as I was currently unemployed.


We continued to have a normal, flirty conversation. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. He made me laugh and lifted my spirits. It only lasted around 10 mins and then he asked if I was free for a coffee that week. I said I wasn’t interested which was the truth at that time I wasn’t looking for any kind of relationship and I wasn’t the casual dating type. He asked for my number and said he would text twice and if I didn’t respond he wouldn’t text again. I decided to give him my number and then we shook hands and parted ways. As I walked away I did think why I did I give him my number but thought oh well won’t ever see him again anyway.

True to his word Adnan texted that evening. Just a funny text about me being unemployed. I thought about texting back but left it, I couldn’t be bothered with men. Then again two days later he texted. Something funny about meeting my twin on the train. I did laugh but just deleted his number. It was flattering obviously. All girls like attention. After that I didn’t hear from him again. No texts or phone calls. Then in January 2017 on my way to work at The Perfume Shop in Buchanan Galleries one day I noticed someone walking beside me. I turned, and it was Adnan. He was again smiling and looked in a good mood and again came out with a similar line “You look Italian”. I continued walking and he walked with me. We chatted and at first, I thought he was joking as he didn’t seem to remember me. Then I realised that he didn’t remember me. I told him I was going to work, and I wasn’t interested. He asked for my number and I said no. I mean he already had it he’d just forgotten. We shook hands again and I walked into work.

I told my friends at work about him and we laughed about it. I didn’t think much of it though. A few days later I was cleaning some shelves and as I turned he was standing at the counter. Again smiling. I didn’t realise anyone was in the shop. At this point it was like I knew him almost. He said he was passing and noticed me. He asked me what I was doing after work and I said I was busy, which I was. I then told him that we had met before. He looked at me then I saw it click. He remembered my name and the first time we met. I laughed and told him I wasn’t the girl for him I was too boring. He said I should go for one coffee with him. I eventually said ok. I mean it was too much of a coincidence us meeting three times. Plus, it was a confidence boost for me. I thought why not go on one date he seemed nice.

A couple of days later we met at Glasgow Central Station and went to Starbucks for our first date. As soon as I sat down with him, we started talking, not like before but about real things like family, religion and just life, I started to see a deeper side to him. Before he was just a cheeky guy, but he was very smart and polite. From then on, we continued dating. Every date we got closer and got to know each other more. We opened up to each other gradually.

A few months after we started dating he told me about the YouTube channel and the dating business. At first when I saw the channel I was confused and didn’t see what purpose it gave. Adnan was very honest about it and answered any questions I had openly. He even let me meet some clients and I started to see that it was more than just dating. Some clients were very quiet in front of me, they had no confidence. Some of his friends became so open with me about life and wanting to find girlfriends but as soon as they saw a girl they would chicken out because of anxiety.

The business also encouraged men to learn how to publicly speak and become more spiritual. It was more than just dating. I knew he done demonstrations known as “infields” and of course for any partner this would be uncomfortable. But I trust Adnan and I know that he has never cheated on me throughout our whole relationship. He is a good man and a great dad. I met Adnan’s daughter around 6 months after I met Adnan. He was very protective over his daughter and wanted me to meet her when it was the right time. He hadn’t brought a woman around his daughter before so wanted to make sure we were serious before doing so. Me and his daughter hit it off instantly and we became a little family very quickly.

We would arrange days out and I would see her often when she was at her dads. Seeing Adnan as a dad was one of the many reasons I fell in love with him. He’s a great father and puts so much time and effort into his daughter. He ensured she had piano lessons, swimming lessons, Islamic lessons and taught her MMA boxing to protect herself. She was learning many skills and loved being over all the time. Me and Adnan became an exclusive couple around July 2017. We realised we loved each other, and it felt right. We knew each other well and we loved being with one another.

I feel protected by Adnan. There was never any sexual assault or assault. Adnan is very loving, and I have always felt 100% comfortable around him right from our first date. I have never had any uneasy feeling. Around a year after we met I told my family about Adnan. Pakistani culture doesn’t permit boyfriends or girlfriends, so we hadn’t told our parents we were dating. When my family found out they weren’t happy. They did not approve of the relationship as Adnan is older and has a child from a previous marriage. In Pakistani culture this is not considered the ‘best match’.

Since they learned of our relationship they have attempted to keep me away from Adnan. In early 2018 the police came out to speak to me regarding a concern raised by a family member. The police came to check if there had been any domestic abuse or if I was at risk. I informed them that this was a family matter and a waste of police time. There was no domestic abuse or threat toward me. The matter went no further.

Adnan is innocent and does not deserve to be punished for something that did not happen, whether we’re together or not. During the last year and a half, I have spent a lot of time at Adnan’s family home and got to know his mother very well. We have become very close. Over that last year I have lived on my own and Adnan has lived on his own. We spent the majority of our nights together in our flats. We bought a car together in October as me and Adnan had started new jobs. We enjoyed life together and were very happy.

We booked to go on Holiday in December 2018 and went to Marrakech in Morocco for a week. We had a great time and as this was our first holiday together it was very special. We relaxed and spent a great deal of time together. Due to our relationship becoming more serious Adnan had decided he was going to give the dating business up. The dating world had become boring and he didn’t want to focus on dating anymore. He was going to start doing more life coaching as this was something he was really interested in and very good at.

On the 10th Jan 2019, the BBC Social Video went viral on Facebook and Twitter. I was at work and had to come home because of the amount of stress it caused me. Me and Adnan stayed together that night and I was very upset. We were both amazed at how big it was becoming but figured it would die down. Adnan hadn’t done anything wrong but due to how the video portrayed him the public reaction was outrageous. Although the extent of it was not. When the police got involved the following day we all assumed he would be home that evening. He has done nothing illegal.

It will now be 7 months, and Adnan is sitting on remand under false charges. The stress and difficulty this has all brought is unexplainable. Me, Adnan and his family have been estranged from his daughter and have no contact with her. The turmoil this has brought has been awful. Adnan’s mum’s house was burgled a month after Adnan was remanded. We all desperately want Adnan home so that we can continue our peaceful and happy life.”


There are more statements and witnesses that can confirm Adnan was running a dating business and that he was trying to move away from this line of work, but yet again these people are afraid to come forward encase they are demonised in the media also.

Adnan met his current partner through daytime dating. She can testify that he never sexually assaulted, assaulted, threatened or abused her.

Adnan is estranged from his 11-year old daughter since being remanded and is unable to look after his elderly mother, who was robbed weeks after Adnan was remanded by a criminal gang who broke into her house, destroying her property and stealing her life savings in cash as well as a lifetime worth of jewellery totaling to approximately £100k in value.


Maria Evidence Statement 2

“Over the last few months Adnan Ahmed has been held in custody, untried and on a fully committed remand. He is being labelled ‘A Danger to Women’. I have included evidence that prove he’s innocent of these charges.

My relationship with Adnan is like every normal one. We have a very happy life together which involves his 11-year-old daughter who he looks after. Adnan is a family man and cares greatly for those he loves including his elderly mother. I love him dearly and I know he would never put me in any danger.

He was in his 3rd year at University and working as a Criminal Justice Social Worker helping individuals on their road to recovery. On the 09/01/2019 a video created and posted by BBC Social resulted in him losing his job and his place on his University course.

Adnan was demonised by the BBC Social video which used clips from his YouTube channel from videos posted 2 and 3 years ago. Adnan provided a press statement to Myles Bonnar, the reporter who created the BBC Social video. Adnan was misquoted, and most of his statement was left out of the video. Myles made this video to make a name for himself by slandering Adnan.

Adnan was set up by an online American troll named Brodan White. This man sent me a message a few days after Adnan was taken in for questioning by the police and said the following “Every bit of info is coming out on him and it’s all coming from me. You seem like a nice girl & I would hate for you to be in the midst of all this”.

Adnan had a dating business, teaching men how to meet women. I’ve often had conversations with men who have expressed their difficulty in meeting a nice girl. Most use tinder and other dating apps. Adnan was providing another avenue of face to face dating rather than online, teaching men how to have the confidence to talk to women they find attractive.

The advice was edgy and controversial, I will also elaborate on this later. Adnan was helping men overcome fears and anxiety related to dating. This involved dealing with emotional issues, teaching men to speak with confidence and general self-help.

He was never aggressive or abusive towards any women, he has said in many of his videos that ‘if the woman feels uncomfortable then walk away and always be respectful’ He showed examples of how to do this through ‘infield’ videos. 100s of these videos are uploaded daily by massive multi-million-pound companies in the UK and U.S.A by the likes of RSD Tyler, RSD Max, Street Attraction and numerous others.

Adnan is the first to face this type of backlash because of how he was set-up and portrayed in the media. Adnan was publicly shamed, is now a hated figure and was labelled in Scotland as a sexual predator. He is innocent and there is no evidence of these allegations.

He was remanded in custody because of the media scandal not for an actual crime. People jumped on the bandwagon because of the panic created by the way the story was reported. Alex Salmond recently received bail for 3 alleged rape charges and 12 alleged sexual assault for which he received bail, this is much worse than what Adnan has been falsely accused of and Adnan was refused bail. Adnan has no history of sexual offences/convictions and no history of domestic abuse.

In regard to his online YouTube videos, I was aware of his dating business, he didn’t hide anything from me. He was leaving the dating field behind because we were due to marry, and he felt he had outgrown it, then the media scandal happened. He was controversial because of the male locker room language he used to get his point across and his sexually referenced shock-value video titles. This has been used against him also. This is no worse than the language used by celebrities such as Keith Lemon and Gordon Ramsey on National TV.

His channel was a men’s self-development and dating platform. It was not for women, not because of discrimination but simply because that’s what he chose to specialize in. Women have numerous magazines, books and channels like this, this channel was the male equivalent. As I stated previously there are many channels like this.

Adnan is paying a heavy price for the media scandal rather than all the facts being looked at. He has been remanded without bail to satisfy the public panic caused by the media rather than serve justice. We want to get justice.

Adnan should be out on bail awaiting his case, not locked up for 7 months, untried with no evidence against him. He is not a danger to women. His mother and daughter and I want him back home with us. I believe the media storm has stopped him from getting a fair chance in court and therefore he was denied bail.

Adnan has received countless death threats, hate comments and general threats of violence because the public believe the media propaganda that publicly humiliated him.”


Addy Agame’s Original BBC Social Statement – That was manipulated and ignored by Reporter Myles Bonner

“Thanks for getting in touch. The allegations are false. 

It’s not nice to be accused of absurd allegations. It’s just a bunch of guys talking to a bunch of girls. If the female declines to speaking, the male has to respect that and leave. 

No-one is at risk of rape or assault. I have women in my family that I love dearly and these are terrible accusation for me and them.

No-one even goes out in Glasgow. Other cities are better suited because of population and culture. This is no different than a lads holiday or a night out at the weekend. The bbc social video wasn’t reported accurately, it was portrayed in a certain way to look controversial in order to sell a story. Game is a male sub-culture on YouTube and guys watch it because they like women and wish to attract them.

I have sent you the questions I answered for them. They are as follows;


When you try to tell guys they need to better themselves through self-development, healthy lifestyle, mental health and addressing their issues – they don’t want to listen. Most guys just want the sex, so you give them proof it works to hook them in, then start the internal work so they can realise that sex or women will not bring them sustained happiness.

Infield footage is an old ‘game’ cultural thing that I did not create, but I have complied with it at times. The client base wants evidence of results as there are a lot of con men in the community, this is an ethical debate and I can understand where opinions will clash on this. The seduction community can be a controversial place. I see it like gangster rap in its early days, however I don’t feel game will ever go mainstream, it’s not for the politically correct.

A quality woman depends on the guy’s individual taste. For me it’s a match between physical beauty and attractive personality traits such as kindness, femininity, manners and a positive perspective. Every man’s perception of a quality woman will be different, it’s up to them to learn and define this. This also applies to physical beauty; different guys prefer different things in looks and personality. Someone may like a particular kind of girl and finds what attracts me to a woman less attractive. I can’t force an opinion on anyone, it’s their preference.

Myles – Motivation behind techniques; / Use of techniques;

  • Ans – We don’t promote using techniques, tactics or trickery; its lifestyle and mind-set improvement. I am simply talking about my rights as a man and my preference in certain types of women (good looks combined with a good personality and similar perspective on life). Game is self-development, it’s not about getting girls, it’s about improving yourself as a man outside of negative societal stereotypes, conditioning and expectations – and by default you will attract better people into your life including women. I’m living the best lifestyle for me personally, it’s not for everyone and I respect that.
  • This is about human behaviour and biology not just words and language.  90% of human communication is non-verbal that’s what we’re tapping into and teaching. It’s like seeing through the matrix of marketing and social conditioning. The rate of mental health issues, relationship breakdowns and substance abuse is evidence of an imbalance – however there are also many amazing rights, ethics and freedoms in the society we live in.
  • Male human beings are not responsible for all of society’s ills neither are female human beings; it’s unfair to blame one gender. We just view things practically and pragmatically rather than through a mainstream media lens. Gender should not be used as an excuse or tool to shame or hate anyone, this applies to both males and females, no-one is superior to anyone else. We refuse to take part in negative agendas taken to the extreme – this applies to both chauvinism and feminism. People have the right to choose whether they want monogamous or polygamous relationships, there is no need to lie or use techniques.

 Myles – Use of Youtube; / nature of being publicly promoted pua

  • Ans – I don’t consider myself a pick-up artist. I’m a dating and life coach, though many of my clients are from that community. YouTube is a great platform to promote on these days and we follow their guidelines which meet legal and community standards. I have both males and females in my family; if I’m the best version of myself and a positive example of masculinity it has a positive knock on effect for all the people I’m involved with. As long as I’m improving myself and no-one is getting hurt in the process, that is all I’m concerned with, that’s what I teach.

Myles – Some people won’t understand, challenge views, strong defences from other dating coaches;

  • Ans – I don’t feel the need to defend myself to anyone, other people have the right to their opinions, I’m not concerned with that, there’s no need to present a defence. I’m not trying to change minds or the world or society. If people are not into this or fail to understand it, then that’s up to them. Everyone has the right to believe and do what they want. I’m not battling or fighting an invisible war with feminism or anyone else for that matter.
  • Society promotes excessive alcohol consumption, drug intake, unhealthy foods and shaming masculinity – we promote the opposite. Again if someone wants to do that then cool, but we don’t and it’s considered ‘out of the box.’ The same goes for relations with the opposite sex. Manners, kindness and femininity are attractive values in females, if a man wants to be with women like this he should improve himself to that standard, he should also have the right to avoid women that don’t meet that criteria. We teach respect for people, men and women. No-one should have an agenda pushed upon them or have to live up to an agenda imposed by others with a bias. We all have to respect each other’s rights to the lives we want, as long as it’s legal and no one is being hurt. If someone is offensive or tries to control the way you think, you should have boundaries and standards to not deal with those people.

Myles – Scene in Scotland;

  • Ans – There is virtually no ‘scene’ in Scotland. The closest you get to a scene in Scotland is people getting drunk and going out at night but that goes on anyway. Even I don’t game in Scotland anymore. No-one really does this in Scotland. I’ve had clients here and there but mostly I deal with clients in England, Eastern Europe and other places. Glasgow and Edinburgh don’t have enough of the type of women I’m attracted to, hence why I’m in Eastern Europe and Arab countries every couple of months. Plus any city with a population of less than a million people is not good for game. We have tried in Glasgow and Edinburgh but they’re too small and even though I have met some amazing girls in Scotland that are my type and I’ve had awesome experiences with, I can meet a higher volume of my type in other countries. Scotland is a beautiful country with some lovely people but I wouldn’t recommend it for game, unless someone really likes a particular type of female.”

Adnan’s fiancé can confirm he was running a business and the circumstances under which they became acquainted. Adnan’s unfortunate circumstances and victimisation have received a lot of support from politicians and human rights organisations across Scotland and the UK.

Political Support Email Screenshots

Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP

Ash Denham MSP

Edward Mountain MSP

Men’s Aid

Justice and Peace Scotland

Finlay Carson MSP

Fiona Hyslop MSP

Stewart Stevenson MSP

Ruth Maguire MSP

Jamie Hepburn MSP

Angela Constance MSP

Michelle Ballantyne MSP

Optimum Advocates

Mhairi Richards QC

Peter Tatchell Foundation (PTF)

Nicola Sturgeon’s Office

Adnan’s Lifestyle


The only video proof the authorities have is of Adnan casually making fun conversation with 3 females. This is from voluntary street patrol officers (not police). It clearly shows Adnan walking with a female, talking to a female (not blocking her path) whilst very relaxed and friendly.

The Procurator Fiscal has Adnan’s DWLF business card as “evidence” against him. The card has “Addy Agame, Criminal Justice Practioner, DWLF – Dreams Worth Living For” and Adnan’s previous phone number written on it. The P.F. said originally that DWLF stands for “Dicks Will Last Forever”, the card clearly says, “Dreams Worth Living For”. The P.F. got this from the BBC Social video. One of Adnan’s friends had made up the sweary acronym as a joke, they said this joke on a video interviewing 2 female friends.

Adnan was a Criminal Justice Practioner for Turning Point until the time of his remand. He was also moving away from the dating field and taking DWLF in a new direction focusing on human rights/ men’s rights. His job was supporting ex-cons and drug addicts to reform and integrate them into society. He planned to expand DWLF into representing men who had been wrongfully accused of crimes they didn’t commit. He had no idea that he would be in a very similar situation.

Adnan was planning to study criminology in his 4th year at university. In his 1st year he gained an HNC in Social Services (at the City of Glasgow college). In his 2nd year he gained an HND in Additional Support Needs (at Glasgow Clyde college). At the time of his arrest he was half-way through his 3rd year doing a BA in Learning Difficulties/Disabilities (between Fife college and Abertay university). His 4th year would have been a BA (Hons) in Criminology (at Abertay university in Dundee). His place on the course was terminated as was his employment because of the media scandal. Adnan also has a previous BA in Business Studies (From Glasgow Caledonian University). He was combining both areas of his studies by taking DWLF in a new direction. It was also because he was becoming frustrated by the monotony of the dating field and he planned to marry his fiancé in Jan 2019.

Adnan is drug-free and does not drink alcohol. He has no mental health issues. He did a lot of community work over the last 4 years with Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous, mentoring and sponsoring vulnerable individuals, as well as having went through the 12-step program of recovery with his own mentors and sponsors as part of his own rehabilitation after his last sentence in 2013.

Adnan’s previous record is bad. However, he plead guilty to those offences straight away because he was guilty of those crimes. He is not guilty of the allegations the Procurator Fiscal has made. Adnan has not committed any offences since 2013, has never been on trial before, and has never been placed on a fully committed remand or been indicted in the past.

Although his previous is bad, it does not include any sexual offences or assaults. The drug offences he had in his past he has fully rehabilitated from and is willing to be drug tested at random to prove this. The firearm offences were a taser that was not functional and a fake replica pistol (which could not harm anyone). For all his drug offences and firearm offences together in 2009, he received a total of 35 months custodial sentence.

Adnan states that he has never cheated on his partner. It was all business. Adnan was honest with his then partner, now fiancé about his business and she has confirmed this. If Adnan had known that this type of business had any type of criminal connection or implications he would not have taken part in it. He discovered it on YouTube whilst single and thought it would be a good business idea as no one was offering this service in Scotland.

The police recovered his phone and laptop from the flat, as well as his fiancé’s laptop and old phone. Nothing incriminating was found on any of the devices.

After the BBC Social video came out on 9th Jan 2019, he was hounded by reporters and journalists, as well as receiving countless death threats, threats of violence, derogatory slurs and name calling. The phone did not stop ringing for a second on that day. The press also hounded his mother (calling her and turning up at her residence) as well as outside Adnan’s apartment. Adnan has received support from many individuals.

Police Scotland vs Addy Agame

The BBC’s Conspiracy to Destroy Addy Agame (Adnan Ahmed is innocent)

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